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Conditions it can help...


Dry Dull Skin 

Neck and décolleté, loose crepey skin

About Profhilo


Profhilo is an award-winning treatment for skin quality and laxity. This product contains the highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid on the market and is commonly known as the injectable moisturiser which increases elastin and strengthens areas where there is laxity.

Profhilo delivers high levels of moisture to the skin as well as stimulating the production of 4 different types of collagens to achieve a lightening, brightening and hydrating effect.

It is a versatile treatment suited for men and women and can treat the face, neck, 
décolleté hands and body.

This is great for menopausal skin to restore moisture and luminosity to your skin. 

You will need 2-3 treatments initially at 4 weekly intervals then maintenance is 6-8 monthly. 

Does it hurt?


There is mild discomfort during the treatment which quickly subsides.
Immediately after the treatment, ther
e will be visible bumps in the skin which subside gradually, often within hours, but can take up to 24hrs to settle fully.


£220 a session

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