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removal of skin tags

Conditions it can help...

Heavy eye lids/ loose skin

Eyes - loose or crepey skin, dark circles, hollow

Skin tags, warts, age spots - removal by plasma

About Plasma Skin Tightening 

Plasma skin tightening 
Plexr plasma skin tightening is ideal for anyone who wishes to tighten skin and lessen the appearance of lines on the eye lids or under eye area. 

Plexr eye lift works by creating an ionised arc of plasma. When the pen is in close contact with the surface of the skin it creates a tiny microdot, this instantly vaporises the unwanted skin, immediately tightening and removing unwanted skin and lines. 

After the treatment there will be swelling for about 1-3 days and will subside naturally. 
The crusts will take 5-7 days to fall off, and is important you do not scratch pick or rub the area as scarring or hypo/hyperpigmentation could persist.

The treatment itself you will be numbed and most patients feel some heat and pain. The same day the area treated will feel like sunburn but will subside by the next day. 

More than 1 session may be needed depending on how much loose skin there is.  


Plasma Eyelid £250

Under Eye £150


Skin tags, moles, warts and blemishes. 

Using the power of plasma this device safely removes the above by shrinking and cauterising the lesions. 
This treatment has minimal pain, 5-7 days downtime ( for scabs to fall off).



Removals from £40

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