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Aesthetics By Complexions Kent

Aesthetic treatments & procedures in Minster on sea, Sheerness and surrounding areas
Including non surgical aesthetic treatments and medical grade skincare procedures.

All About Me


Hi I am Karen, thank you so much for visiting my website.

So what are you looking for? 

To look younger and feel confident again? 
To slow the ageing process down and bring back your va va voom. 
To stop covering up with makeup to hide any redness, blemishes? 

Whatever you are looking for I have a solution for you.
My passion is to go deeper than just skin so together we can figure out your real problem and tackle it head on.

I work with clients who want to change and commit time for themselves. 
I do not offer quick fixes as this masks your concerns so you are not dealing with it. 

My passion is you. To give you the right plan, advice and treatments to achieve your goals or desires. 

I have 15 years experience in the aesthetic industry as a nurse prescriber, as well as 32 yrs working in the NHS as a neonatal sister. 

I perform a wide range of high quality advanced aesthetic procedures using evidenced based products with clinical safety data behind them to bring you results as safely as possible. 

My main priorities are patient safety, satisfaction and professionalism.
I keep my patients informed to ensure they have the necessary information to make an informed choice on their treatment plan. 

Iam fully insured with cosmetic insurance and registered with the NMC.

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