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Conditions it can help...

Fine lines and wrinkles

About Microneedling 


Micro needling is a treatment that uses tiny needles in a motorised pen to puncture the skin. 

This treatment is minimally invasive and safe for all skin tones. It works by stimulating your body to make collagen. This is why it’s also called collagen induction therapy. 

When performed properly, the body responds by healing the holes in your skin with the right amount of collagen. This can lead to less noticeable scars and wrinkles. 

This treatment is great for 
Acne scars
Dark spots
Large pores
Sagging skin 
Stretch marks 
Uneven skin texture and tone 
Wrinkles and fine lines 

A course of 3 to 6 is recommended depending on what the concern is. Then maintenance 6 monthly.

Minimal downtime and discomfort.

You may be a bit pink and feel like sunburn. 

An aftercare will be given to help soothe and heal. 



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